Pollit: customized and ready to go

We’re pleased to announce that a new version of InSTEDD’s Pollit ® is now available online [login needed, just create an InSTEDD account]. Pollit is an open-source tool that allows anyone with an android smartphone to create and manage an SMS surveys. We’re using Pollit to run text message surveys in-house. At present, we have been using Pollit for simple directed price surveys in DR Congo and Somalia. We like Pollit’s simplicity and flexibility, but be warned that the tool is not intended for bulk texting.

Some of the new features that have been recently added include an embedded survey designer, conditional branching and data validation, and better visualization and reporting of answers.  We were able to customize and test Pollit with InSTEDD thanks to a grant from the Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility.

SMS survey in Arabic

SMS survey in Arabic

As you can see, our testing shows that the software works in Arabic script. There are probably still be a few bugs — if anyone out there wants to test drive Pollit, feel free to go ahead, and flag any problems. Just post on this blog, or tweet at us at @mobileVAM.

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