Dimagi’s webinar on ICT in the Ebola Response

On December 3rd, 2015, WFP mVAM participated in a webinar on the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in the Ebola Response. Beyond mVAM, the webinar featured presentations by MercyCorps, International Rescue Mission, IBM Research, and IntraHealth.

The Webinar was organized by Dimagi in an effort to share lessons learned using ICT on the ground in a response environment. Dimagi then released a blog post with a summary of the webinar and this video recording of the presentations :

Webinar speakers and time index:

  • 00:00 – Sophie Roden, MercyCorps: Using Technology to Enhance Social Mobilization– Learning from MercyCorp’s Ebola Community Action Platform (ECAP) in Liberia
  • 17:45 – Jean-Martin Bauer, WFP: Mobile Vulnerability Analysis Mapping (mVAM)
  • 34:50 – Paul Amendola, IRC: ICT Ebola Response
  • 50:30 – Meenal Pore, IBM Research: Africa: Towards a 2-way communication and analytics platform for emergency response and post-emergency recovery efforts in Sierra Leone 
  • 1:08:20 – Amanda Puckett BenDor, IntraHealth: mHero: Connecting health workers and Ministries of Health


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