mVAM Top Blog Posts of 2015

Have you missed some of the mVAM blog posts this year? No worries, here we’ve gathered our top 5 blog posts of 2015.

Have a look!

mVAM 2015


  1. Crowdsourcing Food Prices in Kakuma, Kenya. How mVAM is using SMS to monitor food prices in a refugee camp in northwestern Kenya.
  2. Hello Operator. Some thoughts to share on quality control for phone surveys, as well as some insights from our call center in Kenya.
  3. Ladies – We can’t hear y’all! Addressing Gender Issues in Mobile Data Collection in West Africa. Challenges generating data and analysis on gender dynamics using mobile data collection tools and how we are addressing them.
  4. Iraq: learning under pressure. Lesson learned while deploying mVAM remote mobile data collection system in the Iraq emergency.
  5. Our 5 hacks for mobile surveys for 2015. Tips for successful mobile surveys.

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