From open data to #ZeroHunger


At WFP’s Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) unit we constantly strive to make our data as open as possible. We’ve previously guest blogged for the Open Data Institute on when open data isn’t enough’ about why it’s so important to us. We are therefore excited to participate in the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) summit taking place this week in New York. GODAN supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable.

During the summit world leaders, researchers, students and organizations will come together to illustrate the importance of agriculture and nutrition open data to get to Zero Hunger. We are excited to meet other like-minded people and share the technology and open processes that we’ve been experimenting with to contribute to Zero Hunger.

What are we showing at the GODAN summit?

If you have time to pass by our exhibit you can explore, alone or guided by a data analyst, our databank and our interactive data visualizations on our food security analysis websites including the mVAM monitoring website.

godan-demo-ivrOur exhibit also shows some of the technology we are using to gather data from the world’s most vulnerable communities. You can test our chatbot prototype or participate in an IVR demo of the food security surveys we use to get information from poor communities. If you complete the survey, we’ll tell you Food Consumption Score, one of the core indicators that WFP uses to measure food security, and match you with an mVAM respondent based on your age and gender.

GODAN runs from September 15-16, and we’ll be sharing our experiences of the conference on social media, so make sure to follow along on Twitter at @mobileVAM!

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