VAM Talks: Episode 13

Logo2Alice Clough interviews Sarah Muir, VAM remote sensing analyst, Haidar Baqir, IT engineer, and Ariona Aubrey from WFP’s legal department about WFP’s use of satellites and drones.

VAM Talks: Episode 5

Logo2Alice Clough interviews Sid Krishnaswarmy from WFP Uganda about why the country office is adding mVAM to its existing repertoire of food security surveys.


VAM Talks – Two episodes from the mVAM retreat

Episode 3:  16 March 2016

Professor Nathan Morrow, one of the authors of Logo2the mVAM Review, talks about mVAM’s achievements and challenges.


Episode 4:  17 March 2016

Logo2Alice Clough interviews Elliot Vhurumuku, Eric Branckaert, and Eliana Favari, regional VAM officers, to learn more about the mVAM roll out in East Africa, West Africa and the Middle East.


VAM Talks: Episode 2

Jean-Martin BLogo2auer, live from Juba, talks about mVAM’s latest venture: preparing mobile data collection in South Sudan.


VAM Talks: Episode 1

Jean-Martin BLogo2auer, WFP Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping (VAM) officer and founder of WFP’s mobile VAM project, explains how mVAM works and how it’s helping WFP collect data in dangerous places.


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